Rumination on Yearly Events

Many people spend the end of the year thinking of their plans and hopes for the future. This is never a bad thing, but I really liked Arianna Huffington's approach to the annual event. I'll not remark here on my personal character failings, but I'll look at what I'd like to see disappear from the public discourses.

I believe Arianna Huffington captured a good deal the things I've thought disposable from our society. I'd add discourtesy among people who disagree and excessive politicization of events that that should be viewed in common. For example, making national security issues a matter of opportunity to score political points should disappear from the public square. The recent bombing attempt affects all of us and should not become an opportunity to raise funds for personal politics.

Calling the President a liar at the convening of both houses of congress also what Captain Hook would call "bad form". I suppose the coarsening of the body politic is something I wish would disappear.
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