Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Connections through Books

One of the people who follows me onTwitter The Booklmp led me to a book on POE which falls in one of my many favored genres--bio-mystery. So when I am done with some of the work I've picked up for my self I'll like to read it. I have a kundra Milan book and a historical biography and a history lined up before it. But I know I'll get to it before too long.

I also note that the new president of these United States seems interested in the same political/historical books I've read or have on my to read list. So although I am short, older and out of shape, I have something in common with our energetic, hardworking new president.

I'd kill for Michelle Obama's arms. they are in great shape.

Of course, being younger than I she has learned the habit of caring for herself so she can be able to care for husband and daughters. Clever woman, she!!
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