Working to Get Back on Track

I've not been writing regularly and I must get back to some sort of regimen to do so. Also, I'll be happier divesting self of all my opinion in the "blogosphere".

I have a writing project that does not seem to get onto paper or computerized file. I have lots of approaches but none seem to be "good enough". Could I be self-editing before anything is even written out? I think I am. So in order to get myself fine tuned to language, which I love, I've been reading lots of contemporary poetry along with my favorites--The Romantics from England and Walt Whitman from here in the US.

Billy Collins' book, Ballistics is fantastic despite its many references to death. In fact, the humor along with the imagery makes me laugh and think at the same time. The most thought provoking of the works I've read so far is "The First Night"

After reading it, I, too, ponder my personal need to seize the moment or "carpe diem" which seems to be the underlying position or message. Of course, Collins is not too far from me in age so I feel that the desire to renew oneself and gain pleasure from the life one has is a most practical message. But the idea of the first night of death itself has deeper areas for people to contemplate and enjoy.
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