Television Rot

I have to break a terrible habit. I watch television too much. So I will have to go cold turkey starting tomorrow/today.

The news is like a soap opera that is repeated and the actors are not that good looking, intelligent, or even decent. Monday during class we were discussing a character in Erdrich's novel, Tracks. This character is not unlike too many people today who go around greedily eyeing other people's possessions and lusting after them. Sometimes my age shows and I worry that I talk about the changes in societal goals to increasingly consumption oriented. Of course, that is how the system is set up. I often wonder how a being can grow spiritually and intellectually in this environment. We are all enthralled with the toys; I'm using a computer that can travel with me. I use my cell phone for travel and long distance calls. I'm almost as greedy as others, especially about books and cds. If I did not pull back every once in a while and read or keep up with professional readings, I'd be lost in the mists of gas that seem to mesmerize a good portion of the population.

However, watching some younger people I get hopeful. I hope the social conscience of these good young people continues to grow and learn and keep itself healthy because there is so much to counter act.
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