To Reinvent or to Die

Well, I may be a bit dramatic but I just returned from teaching classes at the University. I sensed a need to have students evaluate me without their losing a sense of anonymity. AS usual my structure for the class seems to frustrate some students. I'll have to be more rigorous about that as poor evaluations will lose me the job. Who says that academics have no pressure?

I liked giving students a place and format to speak to me, and I noted that many of the early complainers are happily at work now.

I'm making a list of some of the theorists others spoke about at 4Cs. One such scholar has a website. Enrique Dussel was one of the men who discusses dependancy theory. Others are: Andre Gunder Frank, Samir Amin, Janet Abu-Lugod, and Immanuel Wallerstein. According to Victor Villanueva and Damian Baca these scholars add to postcolonial theory, address globalization and its impact on third world countries and in one instance or two can contribute to White Studies, which Joyce Middleton recommends as we work on diversity issues.

As I piece together my own work, I'll post any summaries of these to this blog in hopes that some where along the way I'll get responses to my mental tours of theories.
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