Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Have Been Thinking of the Past and People No Longer With Us

Because November 22, 1963 was the date that we lost a president to an assassin's bullet, I remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I too often wonder what would have happened to our country if that event had not taken place. However such musings do me no good as it happened and I have no power over the outcome of that singular event. What I remember of that era is that families clung tight to one another. We looked at the Kennedy's as an example of beautiful people. However, with his assassination, the Kennedy's became more like the rest of us--human and not on a pedestal.

Mom and I stayed glued to our television set as most other USAmericans did. We were Americans too. We love the country and the government. We were naive about all the behind the scenes arguments as to what was right for our country. One quote I use as part of my email signature is JFK's summation that if we did not put an end to war, war would put an end to humanity. He truly was a Warrior for Peace.

Because my mother was very politically engaged. I pay attention to what Congresspeople say and do. Today, I am not voting for my representative in Congress. She voted in favor of pausing the government's action to take in Syrian Refugees. Why? Because Paris France had its equivalent of our 9'11. I'm fuming because the fear mongering hordes of Republicans have placed this issue on the line--front and center. They know how to scare people. We need people who are cool, calm and collected when dealing with dangerous situations. Inciting the hatred others have for the United States we need to resurrect more politicians with courage to do what is right instead of what is expedient for their political careers.

In order not to get angry with them I've been thinking of my Mom and some of the music she liked. I'm pasting one song as a remembrance of the old Puerto Rican songs as sung by Marc Anthony and many singers of the past: I hope I get this in right. Both are in. One song is clearly newer than the second video. However, they each underscore the patriotism that Puerto Ricans feel for the beloved Isla del Encanto.

I was born in the United States on the island of Manhattan on a blusttery winter night in February. Still seeds of love for the island and its people,my people were well and deeply planted by my Mom. I love the passion in the voices of the singers. Interestingly it is through music that the past and the present converge. Too frequently this duality has left me longing for two diametrically opposed positions. Is it any wonder that I like and desire so many wonderful and diverse things in life?

Preciosa is a term Puerto Ricans use for their beloved Isla del Encanto.