Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Changes in the Air

Today I filled out the health care directives forms that the medical group wanted me to take care of. The thought of dying is not pleasant except for the fact that I won;t feel anything. Being human requires a certain amount of feeling, caring, concern for others, sometimes even empathizing too much. So that one person's pain blends into your own.

Now that I've taken the steps I have taken, I feel less burdened. I am also planning to move to a place where I still have friends and can enjoy their company as well as the surroundings of the area. No longer will I tie myself to other people's needs over my own.

I'm only curious about how long it'll take me to execute my plans. Will be throwing away lots of things soon.

After I end this bit of writing, I think I'll read myself to sleep. It is getting late. LOL  Before now I'd stay up until 2 a.m. Now I really watch to get my "beauty" sleep.