Friday, July 19, 2013

We Need Another Edward R Morrow Again

Even though his language was too sophisticated for a little New York/Puerto Rican girl, I grew up occasionally catching Morrow on TV. He was visible on CBS. Later, much later, a film was made about his public dispute with McCarthy. I like the movie as it shows what good investigative journalism can accomplish. Below is a story by Moyers and Light on a site called RePost. For a sample of journalism that matters, I think many of you will enjoy it. It seems that old things are new again.


Watch Edward R. Murrow’s ‘Harvest of Shame’ (via Moyers & Company)

The people who harvest our fruits and vegetables are, today, among the country’s most marginalized. They earn well below the poverty line and spend a substantial portion of the year unemployed. They do not have the right to overtime pay or to collective…