Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gandolfino RIP

I've noticed a lot of people younger than myself are dying. Although I did not know about Gandolfino outside his role as Tony Soprano, I quickly learned of his activism for Veterans of the Wars our country engages in. In one scene from one of his documentaries, he says that there is something wrong with asking loyalty, duty, honor from our soldiers and other military personnel when the country does not respond with honor and loyalty to these soldiers.

Mr. Gandolfino died away from "home" and was not known as well in the land of his ancestors as much as here in the US. Because he did not advertise all of his activism, it took his death to inform readers of the press about him. However, those of us whose cultures are similar to Italian Culture and who share the religious teachings of Social Justice in the Catholic Church culture which is common to many of us identify with his impulses to do good. We also identify with any impulse to enjoy life and care for our families. Therefore, although I did not personally know Mr. Gandolfino, I feel he was a brother traveling in the same world during most of my life. He wasn't the leading type in his looks. Some of the characters he played were blue collar workers striving to make their way up the social ladder. From his work using his celebrity to help society, he has increased the worth of being human.