Sunday, May 05, 2013

Catching up with Life--or Trying to Do So

I'm really not catching up with life as I've been living and making changes to my life seems like forever. I have buried my face in books and the nook. Loving so many genres I've read all 20 Kate Shugak mysteries by Dana Stabenow, re-read Katherine by Anya Seton, looked up the biography of John of Gaunt -- Katherine de Roet's love interest, poetry books, and I'm trying to get into a book by Richard Rorty titled: Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. However I must get to writing my biography if not for the world to see but for my children.

I've started that project many times and now have many documents to prove my attempts. Someone in my circle of friends on Goodreads posted a title that should help me end my writer's block but before buying it I downloaded a free sample to my Nook. It does not contain anything I already do not know. I saved myself $10 plus tax. :)
Now it is up to me and my little grey cells to work at developing a writer's habit. We'll see if I get up and running with my work.