Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New EyeGlasses

For the coming year, I'll not have excuses to keep me from writing. My favorite until now has been: "My eyes are too tired. New eye rx should keep me focused. Ha
Write after I create a budget and work mostly at walking and writing things should be just great.

Peter Elbow sent me some of ongoing work which might help me with my organization issues. I write about hybridism created by cultures within one culture as well as the hybridism within one culture for there are many subcultures not only in USAmerica but around the world. After looking at some works by established authors in our field, I want to line the personal--my life with power relations between people of power and those without not too much power. In looking at my own life history I can and do contend that a kind of radicalization must take place to help the formerly disempowered person gain the kind of power necessary for the formerly submissive people integrate and gain his or her identification of personhood.
If my friends do not hear from me it may be because of my need to be very quiet.