Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nook Reading and Non-Nook Reading

I recently received a nook because I'm an avid reader and like to have something to do when going to doctor's offices or other places where waiting patiently is expected of one. I haven't been patient in the past, but books do soothe my soul. My readings include mysteries, histories, biographies or any old topic that catches my fancy. With the Nook I can have many books in one place and my poor tired book shelves can get a reprieve. Also, I don't have to decide which books to keep or throw away. Sometimes, however older books are not copied on to the nook format and so I am engaged with both Nooks and regular books. I like writing in books I use for study, and although I can make notes on the books in Nook, I can't always remember where I made the notations. Must learn about that.

I also belong to Good Reads where one is supposed to write about one's readings. I'm not faithful to that process as I usually move from one book to the next. Frequently, as I near the end of one book I start several others to see if I can find a new friend with which to engages my mind.

So I'm reading Dust by Martha Grimes but have ordered an anthology of Daphne du Maurier's works. This anthology contains one book I have been wanting to read for many years--Frenchman's Creek. My reason for wanting it is that the movie version ended in a more puritanical ending and my understanding is that the book did not end with Dona staying home with hubby and kiddies. I love reading about strong women--women who took chances I have taken or have wanted to take. The vicarious thrills one has with books well written and engaging is better than eating. :)

Also, it is great to see that there have always been strong women who defied patriarchal norms. In history one reads about them from time to time. Catherine the Great and Elizabeth Tudor are just two. I am about to get more women from the middle ages who found ways to do what they wanted despite the limits on women during their lifetimes.

Title: Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard Von Bingen, Author: Mary Sharratt is another book coming my way as well as the Teresa of Avila and Juana Ines de la Cruz. Women who used church restrictions to create their own lives. There was an earlier Juana de la Cruz who was in Spain. She escaped the Inquisition by the mere fact that she died before it gained Church Authority in Spain.

Some writing will come of all these readings and its interesting to me that my life has been tangled with such a diverse group of nuns and women--both through books and real life encounters. Nuns contributed to my growth as my parents sent me to boarding schools at a very young age. I related to them differently than many of my friends who went to parochial schools or day schools.

Well I'm off to polish off another book so that I can get other work done around my home and my writing.