Friday, July 13, 2012

Things Keep on Rolling

I love to read and sometimes the books I read make commentary on the times before, during, and after the major wars in which the United States engaged. Currently, I'm reading books about JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy. It is fascinating that all of the major problems affecting our political processes today were evident in John Kennedy's lifetime and presidency.

Perhaps because we once had a warrior for peace I feel distraught over the seemingly unending wars in which our country engages. Also, it saddens me to see that progress in education, women's issues, poverty, rebuilding and strengthening our infrastructures are orphans left to the whims of the current Republican party.

In the past I did not fear the possibility of a Republican take over of all branches of government because the GOP was diverse in the political philosophies which various senators and congress people held. This is no longer true. No matter how often nonpartisan facts are presented to these ideologue Republicans they don't listen. In my understanding of the science and art of politics there must be give and take and compromise. Otherwise, the tyranny of the few will harm our country and its people. This should not take place.

It looks like the Citizen United Case has really opened a Pandora's box that will lead to corporations taking over our fragile democracy.

I've decided to help with local elections because those folks in DC I just won't listen.

On a personal note, (I suppose the planets are aligned to wake me from the stupor I've been in for the past five years), and I'm taking charge of my life again. I've decided to work on my life history for my family and others, and I'm feeling better about the work I'm doing. I'm writing, leaning heavily on Judith Ortiz Cofer and Esmeralda Santiago and Maria Lugones.

I want to inject some of my own poetry and old essays. Who knows, I may get something useful accomplished.