Monday, March 05, 2012

Getting Focused

I think I suffer from adult onset of ADD. However, since I need to accomplish a few things in my life before I leave for another experience, I'm making lists again. I'll have to do more than chronicle the less than exciting or interesting things I do. For example, how I almost got clobbered by my mattress when I undertook flipping it to another side--this is good for one chuckle or two but it was a bit scary at the time. I keep forgetting how much I've shrunk. I never really thought of myself as short though in my prime I was 4'11 3/4" tall. I must have gotten down to 4'9" and so it goes. Aging certainly has its challenges. In a lifetime of challenges, this is nothing new to me.

Part of my focus is on my health. Another is writing my biography for my family. I need to include stories that my son has mangled in his version of things. Having studied a little psychology and some reader response theory, I'm aware of the ways people in the same room, witnessing the same events can come away with very different understanding of the events they witnessed.

I suppose I do not want my remembrances of Mom and Dad's stories twisted. Plus I have some sweet memories of them from long before I grew up and had children. Those were such special moments that I know they helped me with my character and psychological nature.

Although it sometimes creeps in to my mind, I try to avoid my Mom's negativity. My Dad did not look at the world quite as negatively as Mom and he certainly was more calm. He hoped I could maintain that calmness which he claimed was a gift from the Rodriguez side of his family.

I'll focus on that one positive quality as I begin to write my memoirs.