Monday, October 10, 2011

Channeling Mí Mamá

Time passes, children grow, and grandchildren come into one's life. I've often thought of myself as a hybridized Latina-American woman. So when I notice something new in my interactions with my family, I usually find it's due to the influence of one of my parents. I've calmed down a bit and I attribute that good change to my Father. I used to get upset easily and that was more like my Mother. Lately, I find myself wanting to care more for my Granddaughter, Amber. Times are so different for her and her education that I want to be sure she gets to finish and reap the rewards of having a quick inquisitive mind. Like many members of the family she has a very kind heart and is generous to a fault. However, Amber is a big girl and she's independent, so any good I might wish to do for her has to come in a way that she understands that it is my job as a grandmother to give her anything I can. This gesture on my part comes directly from my Mother, who loved unconditionally and generously. Some may wonder that I write about something so obvious--the inheritance of characteristics of one's parents. However, my relationships with each of my parents were not traditional. It's not that I was a poor misunderstood person. In some ways I was but not to the degree that led to my ever failing to love and respect my parents. It's that I live in an USAmerican world but my psyche drifts into Latina Americana frame of thinking and feeling. Every time it happens, I am pleasantly surprised. I seem to have balanced both ways of thinking and being. That is a joyful thing for me.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Day with My Granddaughter

Wonder and awe are two feelings I have for my Granddaughter, Amber. She is working 8 hours per day and attending ASU full time. The more she progresses in her life the better view I have of the great woman she will be because she's a great person now. We share a love of movies, and today I introduced her to a French Film. Venus Beauty Institute. Given the difference between American and French outlooks on man/woman relationships, she handled the movie well. Next films I want to share with her are other French films and a Chinese film I saw long so its title is not on my mind today. I"ll have to go through some files where I placed the lists. Happily for me, I'll get to see her again tomorrow and perhaps by then I can find something new to cook up for her. I'm thinking tonight, too, of the passing of an inventor who passed away from his condition--pancreatic cancer. I'm not a Mac user so I can't praise his major computer invention but I have appreciated films that owe him credit for rescuing the companies that made them. Also, many users of the little music player that keep youngsters appreciated the IPod. Being closer to the age most people contemplate their deaths, I feel sad for the Jobs family. The man was younger than I am at this time. When I go I want my Amber to remember her granny and enjoy all the movies and music that we've enjoyed together. Memories, after all, are what connect the dead to the living.