Monday, February 01, 2016

Like My Mother/Like My Father

There is a lovely wedding portrait of my parents in this room where I am to dine, but where I do most of my writing. Looking at their youthful faces, I do not wonder that I look like both of them. They looked like they could have been sister and brother. Yet their temperaments were polar opposites. Physically I look more like Dad except for my Mom's dimples and smile. My dimples and smile are almost duplicates of my Mom's.

Reminiscing becomes a pastime as we grow older and wiser. So looking at my parents and myself is a way to view who I am and what I value. I value love, family, music and humanity. Those are big chunks of the things I've studied throughout my life. Recently, a high profile singer songwriter passed away. David Bowie was someone whose work is important but I did not follow his performances as closely as I followed the Beatles, Elvis, and other artists of my younger life. This reminded me of something my ever "positive" Mom told me. Once you get to a certain age, you'll see people your age or even younger die and that will be a constant reminder of your mortality. Indeed this has been true since Elvis and Freddie Mercury passed to other realms. Now Bowie who was younger than myself.

As many pass from this world to another, Mom's anecdotes resound in my mind and I am more country-philosopher like she was and less the theory bound scholar of my college days.

I imagine that the genetics from my parents influence my thinking as much as the reading that I've engaged with during and after my college career.

Respect for family is a good thing as it helps me connect with Mom and Dad although they've been long gone.
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