Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Encounters

Living alone, I frequently feel sad. To overcome the sadness, I go out and look for human conversation or interaction. Thus, I get to meet new people, interact with them and at the same time, lift my spirits.

Today I met three people and two dogs. Yea for me. I love animals and they usually like me. So to get this narrative back on track. The first encounter was with a neighbor I'd not met previously. His name is Zach and I was happy to meet him because he was with a dog who had grabbed my attention with his cute face whenever I went to my car. It turns out that the dog was a beautiful American Bull Dog whose name is Kingston. He came to me as if we'd been long time friends. I explained to his owner that I normally lifted my head to talk to him as I either entered or got out of my car.  Kingston, I explained to his owner, grabbed my attention because he was alone and I thought sad looking. (Talk about projection of human characteristics on animals.) Zach explained he was away a lot because he worked many long hours.

This first encounter brightened my mood, and I proceeded to cheat on my diet by stopping at a local McDonalds. The woman at the window was cheery and pleasant. She prognosticated that my day would be wonderful. I agreed and off I went.

As I arrived at the medical center, I saw one of the pharmacists who had gone out to meet a puppy. The puppy is all of 12 weeks and the friendliest pit bull pup I'd ever met. Did not get to know his name but gray with white paw markings is lovely.

I was so energized by these simple encounters that I cleaned up and took care of my business once I'd picked up my medicines.

People and Pups are a great replacement for solitude and sorrow.

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