Tuesday, January 08, 2013

One of Life's Changes

The Christmas season, which I used to enjoy and look forward to seemed different this year. My youngest daughter was not in town and it is she who makes Christmas happen as I did when all my children lived under one roof with me. My son has some of the same traditions but does not include new ones as easily as my youngest daughter would. Since he's the "adult child" closest to me I do spend time with him and the children. One of the best things about this years Christmas is my new grandson. He's 2 years old and came with his Mamma, Paloma, when James married her. This child is a delight who radiates the joys we might have had when we were young. To see this joyful glow in one so young truly touches my heart and gives me hope for the future.

I pray that as he grows, Kai will keep me feeling positive for our children and grandchildren's future. Also, I hope my heart keeps melting with love for him and all of my other grandchildren.

So I celebrated with my son and his family to come to an undecorated apartment. Perhaps next year I will do better about stirring the feeling of Christmas within me.
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