Saturday, January 05, 2013

Comments On Huffington Post 1/5/2013

Elizabeth Berry's comments are on the point that media fell in love with old or traditional ways of analyzing polls and trends. For a long time most media has fallen back following the lies of people in public office. For this reason, I listen to those "pundits" who demonstrate the fact that they read widely and question what they read. When they find accurate sources they use them to inform those of us without "contacts" in DC or elsewhere.

I know we have smart people in broadcast news as well as here on the post, yet too often untruths are repeated without adequate follow up questions. A person who stuck with numbers and algorithms which yielded accurate results was Nate Silver. Imagine a country of over 250,000.000 people and one man got things right. I listened closely when he was interviewed--which was rarely to calm fears generated by other people in the news.
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