Friday, May 18, 2012

My Aunt Antonia Rummler

While my aunts had imposing names like Clementine or Clementina, Eufemia, Felicitas, Antonia and my mother Escolastica, each was stuck in cultures that did not provide them the outlets for their talents, intelligence and creativity. Such were the conditions of many women who lived before the last wave of feminism in the 70's and 80's. Nonetheless, I know that each contributed greatly to my life.

My Aunt, Antonia Oquendo Otero viuda de Rummler was laid to rest yesterday. Her life was a long one and a full one. After completing nurse's training in Puerto Rico she joined her adventurous family to New York. There she met and married William Arthur Rummler. He'd recently returned from World War II and like many GIs of the time headed west to find work with the major airplane makers of the day. Through the GI bill they were able to purchase a good three bedroom house on a large lot. I especially remember the barbecue pit in the back and a wonderful peach tree that produce large peaches--most were the size of softballs. And my Auntie made great pies, upside down cakes and jarred the left over peaches for use when the tree took its rest from producing those wonders. She had two sons who delighted her--most if the time.

She continued working in her field as a Registered Nurse and all seemed wonderful. Certain evens led to problems but being an Oquendo woman meant persevering and moving on

Below are some pictures I took at the church services which show the trajectory of her long life. She'd lived for 89 Years.
I could upload but one picture so I'll wait for another time. :D

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