Friday, December 23, 2011

Times Are Changing---continued

The tile of this entry refers to a line in Godfather II, Michael Corleone had spent time with his mother asking if one could lose his family. She says no because family will always be family. His response is that he notes that times are changing. In fact, life between the 40s and 60s did have many volatile changes. Many things about life, families, and politics underwent a great change. Like the Corlenoe's other families are not living in the places where they grew up and where they were comfortable. Families are splintered by location, time, and sometimes ill will toward one another in the original family group. Other changes have occurred in the way we use the money we earn. The enticement of advertisements have led many of us down a path to economic ruin.

As I mentioned above, money and the need to earn it has sabotaged the concept of united families. So we move from our origins. Many times this turns out to be a great thing. After all there is something in the human species that leads it to enjoy travel, meeting new people, and learning about new music, foods, and fashions.  Families will change because things and people are changing. The way of life in our country is changing, too. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with change. Change is in fact a part of life. The thing we must consider is how many of us have been manipulated not only by advertisements but the system that tells us to go to school and then get a good job. However, currently there are no jobs for many people. 

I've always thought that not all of us want to go to college. Many of us are meant to be artists, architects, or even long shore men/women. Worse, many of the jobs that the United States used to have available for new graduates are gone. The USAmerican corporations that have such great support from our government are shipping jobs to places where they do not have to provide a living wage to their workers. 

I'm not a well renowned economist, but it did not pass by me that jobs I held as a full time position frequently were split so two would work but get no benefits. Others I knew noticed it too. I then went for a higher degree but alas I chose the wrong path. I'm happy to have earned my degree but I went for it too late.  So here we are in a country that made things to a country that exports jobs overseas and ignores the needs of its citizenry to have jobs available once they finish school.

The worst part of the changes is that the government expect people with low incomes to spend money on things they do not need so they can meet the expectations of their children who are glued to the colorful and fun filled commercials aimed at children. Perhaps someone can think of a way to have the economy depend less on the amount of money its citizens spend. Perhaps we should have goods and services other people want. Sadly we are not making sufficient things here within the borders of the United States. Those jobs are in Mexico, China, Vietnam and other places outside our borders.

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