Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Ravages of Insomnia

I did not go to bed until about 3 am. this morning. Before I did go to bed I went to my bathroom sink and saw a very tired old woman. I'm not really an old woman but I sure looked it earlier today. I have been reading too many interesting books and doing a great job of avoiding writing, which is something I ought to be doing.

So to avoid looking like another skinned chicken with yellow skin, I'll get out and find some herbal knock out teas. To ward off another night of being up with the ravens and vampires that roam the night. I am having fun with the vampire imagery for I'm more likely to kill them off than they harm me. :)

Living alone is what does this to me--I no longer have a tight schedule to adhere to and no meals I "must" fix for my children.

I will endeavor for the next few hours to do my work and then leave my apartment in search of some fun.
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