Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Brief Entry to Honor My Godfather/Uncle

December 3, 2011, I learned of the passing of my "Tio MUNDO" His name was Raimundo Arroyo, but our family called him "Mundo" which can be the Spanish word for world. He was a world unto himself and I'm grateful to have known him and that he shared himself with his family. To many of us,Tio Mundo was a beloved uncle because he was kind, generous, funny, witty, thoughtful, forgiving and always a gentle quietness seemed to envelop him as he journeyed throughout his life. He was a great cook, gardener--a true farmer's son. He brought life to the world he inhabited. He lived in Tennessee so it was only when I traveled to conferences that I saw him in the past few years. However, I have good memories of the young handsome soldier who played with me upon his return to civilian life post World War II.

I love and honor him because despite his seemingly quiet personality came with a very strong character--this is not to be mistaken for foolhardy stubbornness that afflict so many of us.

My uncle was a good son, a great brother, a good husband, and father. Like many men who lived and fought in World War II, he represented the best of what Tom Brokaw labeled "The Greatest Generation." So in addition to his place in our family,my Uncle Ray, has a place in USAmerican history that unfortunately will go untold beyond the confines of his closer family.

Que Jesus, Maria, y Jose te reciban en el cielo, my precios tio.
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