Sunday, November 06, 2011

Insanity of Our Times

It seems Orwell's vision of a dystopia was right--up is down, good is evil men are not men but corporations are men. Poor people are poor because they're lazy; big corporations are needy, so the government must help them. Politicians hear things very well but pursue their cozy connections to large banks and corporate powers.

Hardly a day goes by when I see young people protest the imbalance that exists among the various sources of wealth. Unlike days in the past, humankind does not seem to be appreciated except those at the top who write laws for the Congress and continue with a drip down economic strategy.

I for one am tired along with others of the flim flam conducted by the Congress against the people whose country this is.

Now all the problems of the European Union is another excuse to make the markets go down, causing many who have retirement funds in their 401Ks to lose money. The worker bees are once again prevented from tasting the nectar collected for old age.
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