Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to Post-Debt Ceiling Work

Entry title refers to  may    return to personal  writing that does not necessarily  discuss  the political   Jibber  -- Jabber  that passes for civic discourse.

I've begun to return to some work on family history, stories, and the fact of my tons of pictures is helping me remember in a kinder way. Not everything from the past is "glorious" nor is it  all  a "nightmare." Pictures reveal my beloved Aunts, Uncles, and even a young version of my Dad--Papi and Mom, Mami--when their lives were still in front of them. All my warm feelings return but my longing for those feelings tells me a lot of what I'd missed when I was younger.

I was born in the mid 40s and this means that my upbringing was influenced by a brand of Victorian precepts. Yet as a friend   told me not too long ago, I'm a  radical or  daring person. I don't consider  myself joyfully  engaged in adventures,but I  do take chances which sometimes lead to personal growth  in the  ways humans are to grow, even if  those people are older and physically shrinking  like me.   We   should  learn something each  day.  Old age would not  become a burden if we can keep our minds and spirits continually  learning new things and finding our spiritual center  so  we can enjoy being  alive.

My best quality is openness to new ideas and flexibility. Getting older requires that people be sufficiently flexible  to keep  on going  in a world of  constant Changes..

Of  course,  some changes  are not necessarily "new"   situations.  In the political swipes and  we have  prime examples  of this era's dysfunction. Long ago   while  in my 20s, we  had  issues  presidential   and  congressional  sniping  at  to   get some measure of leverage    on the White House or on  members of college.   

Let   us see what the  outcomes  of the coming   elections   hold for  us.
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