Monday, August 29, 2011

What If?

I realize the world cannot be changed easily and the past is over or done or unchangeable. However, there times when I wonder what if? Perhaps I think this way because I've lived through many events, personal, historical either specifically to the United States or to the larger world.

Some people seem to need to undergo the consequences of their life's experiences to develop character or appreciation for life or perhaps to become a stronger more focused person.

Likewise, events to happen within a nation that alters it for a long time. Sometimes, some events are so traumatic that they affect the future growth or development of a nation. I wonder what direction the trajectory of our national growth and history would have been IF JFK had NOT been assassinated. Would we have pulled out of Vietnam? Would we have decreased the development of militarism in our country? Would we have found things not associated with war as the focus of our investment in our country?

I ask myself these questions because all to often we do not appreciate the possibilities that one human life can do for the rest of us. One life can affect many for good and not war and fear mongering.

When I see all the wars our country has involved itself in, I shudder at the loss of lives, opportunities for peace, invention of things that are NOT lethal. All this and more can still happen but our thinking as a nation needs to change. People in this country cannot operate on fear of the "other" the "alien" etc. I do not refer to our border issues when I say this. I refer to the reasons used as an excuse to fight wars.

I thank the powers that exist for Obama and Hilary Clinton's efforts at a new kind of diplomacy. Now that things are moving along in the Libya situation, perhaps people can focus on a better life for the citizens of the USA.
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