Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reminders from the Past

I've made a sad realization within the past few days. So much of my life has been spent on achieving something outside of myself that I neglected to love myself as I do others. A few days ago my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, found the picture on the right, which she photographed with her cell phone camera. That is the reason the picture is so unclear. The point of this entry is that I did not recognize the young mother. I never spent time looking at myself and caring for myself. This picture is a total repudiation of how I thought of myself. It also is a total vindication of my Mother's idea that women should try to leave the house looking a little "made up".

Thank God my hair was fixed in this picture or I doubt that my Mom, who took the picture would have let me get away with unkempt hair.

My daughters do a better job of "putting on their outside faces" and of keeping themselves at a healthy weight. Unfortunately, I have neglected myself. So now I must create more time to fix up when I leave the house.

I sure hate to say this but Mom was right. I should take care of how I look for myself's sake as well as for my children.
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